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I am so thankful I found this place.   After getting a haircut from a friend and realizing that it was a bad idea after the fact, I was in desperate need of fixing it.  After reading all the yelp reviews on here I decided to give this place a try since it's really near by...

Tien N. via yelp Las Vegas, NV

December 2016 Gallery


Favorites from the past month.

Take a second to see what our stylists and technicians are up to.

Justin's Hair Horoscope



What happens when a hair stylist does Astrology?

Justin reads from the stars and heavens and discusses what they have in store for your hair.

Hotheads Hair Extensions

Hotheads Glamorous Hair

Hotheads Premium Brand Remy Extensions

Now offering the best tape-in hair extensions for the Las Vegas valley.

Stormi's October Update

Rick and Morty


Cartoons were originally made for adults.

Stormi recreates the magic of the show on your fingertips. If you haven't seen Rick and Morty on adult swim then you are missing out. Here's the premise: Rick Sanchez, super genius, drunk and sarcastic ass, takes his clueless grandson Morty on adventures to parallel dimensions and alien worlds.

The Dyson Hair Dryer - A Stylist/Engineer Perspective

Dyson Hair Dryer


Should you get the new Dyson hairdryer?

I decided to look into the hairdryer because I am always skeptical of paying $400+ for any tool.

Corrective Make-Up Techniques


What Is Color Correcting?

If you keep up with the latest makeup trends then you’re sure to have seen famous Youtube and Instagram stars cover their faces in a rainbow of colors before applying their foundation. What is this and why are they doing it?

What We Strive For

Our Mission is transport your hair to the next level. Like you we are moving up in life and relish the opportunity to help you do the same by giving your appearance the polished style that fits your life style.

Continual Education

We believe in continual education. Our stylist preside in an environment that fosters learning new techniques and contemporary styles. You expect to be the standard of upward mobility and we have the skills to make it happen.

Important Choices...

We understand that you have many choices in salons, but only with us will you get extraordinary value.  Add up our stringent quality standards, impeccable service and cost effective pricing and when you leave our salon you may not make billions but you will feel like a billionaire.

Salon Evolution

Phoenix Twin salon was built to have an inspiring and inviting atmosphere where everyone greets you when you walk in.

Our facility is contemporary, clean and well maintained. The salon itself is being continually redecorated and it is not uncommon for our regulars to walk through the door and be surprised with the changes. You can also expect great music coming from the Bose surround sound.

The music we play helps the creative energy flow throughout the space and motivates us to do great hair. 

More Than A Salon

Phoenix Twin goes beyond just doing hair. We do community outreach and promote other industries. We understand that our salon is a networking hub for the community. Trust us to connect you to other social circles.

Industry Expertise

Search around and try to find a stylist who writes articles about the industry. Our stylists know every aspect of the industry including the technical part. Browse for some of our articles and read for yourself. We also represent national brands like our high end product line, Privé. Read further on our very own Justus Kerr who is the national educator for Privé.

Our Hair Products

We use quality hair care products that fit your budget. We have a wide range of products from Privé to ELC that will suit the needs of your hair. Our best selling product is #3 all organic leave-in conditioner that only costs $23 and will last you for 4 months, do the math.