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December 2016 Gallery

Favorites from the past month.

Take a second to see what our stylists and technicians are up to.

Hotheads Glamorous Hair

Hotheads Hair Extensions

Hotheads Premium Brand Remy Extensions

Now offering the best tape-in hair extensions for the Las Vegas valley.

Dyson Hair Dryer

The Dyson Hair Dryer - A Stylist/Engineer Perspective


Should you get the new Dyson hairdryer?

I decided to look into the hairdryer because I am always skeptical of paying $400+ for any tool.


Justin's Hair Horoscope


What happens when a hair stylist does Astrology?

Justin reads from the stars and heavens and discusses what they have in store for your hair.

Rick and Morty

Stormi's October Update


Cartoons were originally made for adults.

Stormi recreates the magic of the show on your fingertips. If you haven't seen Rick and Morty on adult swim then you are missing out. Here's the premise: Rick Sanchez, super genius, drunk and sarcastic ass, takes his clueless grandson Morty on adventures to parallel dimensions and alien worlds.

Corrective Make-Up Techniques


What Is Color Correcting?

If you keep up with the latest makeup trends then you’re sure to have seen famous Youtube and Instagram stars cover their faces in a rainbow of colors before applying their foundation. What is this and why are they doing it?

Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits

Chaneling Animal Spirits

See what your stylist's animal spirit is! How does this match up in your personal opinion? Let them know!

Stormi Nights

Healthy Gel Nails

Gel nails are the new technology.

Thinking about a change or just want to know about the best nail tech out there?  Stormi fills you in... (pun intended)

Zebra pattern

It's A Jungle Out There!

Learn to play in the Jungle

Jade walks you through her techniques in giving a client that party animal hair.

Make-up Undertones

Make-Up Undertones

Nicole talks about matching the correct colored make-up to your natural skin tones.

Val's Teasy Lights

Teasy Lights

Teasy Lights

Want a look that will match all seasons? Valentina showcases her version of the ombré.

Candy Cane

Winter Nails 2015

Nails for the holiday season

Stormi shows off some of her holiday art and shares some ideas for your winter fashion.

Team members

Matt Rose

Matt Rose

Master Stylist / Director
Justus Kerr

Justus Kerr

Master Stylist / Educator
Valentina Monique

Valentina Monique

Men's Cut Specialist

Danielle Santos

Event Hair Specialist
stormi nail tech280

Stormi Nichole

Nail Tech
Dottie Vee

Dottie Vee

Pin-up Specialist