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The Power Of Purple

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Not Just for Celebrities

I must say, the purple hair color craze has me jumping for joy! Everywhere from big name celebrities, models to everyday badasses who dare to be different, purple hair is reigning supreme in my book! As a stylist, aside from purple being my favorite color of life, I have consistently recommended an assortment of varying shades of purple or lavender in my color consultations and my clients. I have yet to be disappointed with the outcome.

"...it is eccentric and holds its own in the fashion color spectrum."

Whether it be an entire head of lilac or just a few peek-a-boos of violet to accent a darker base color, I have found that for some reason purple just seems to look good on pretty much everyone! I have clients from all walks of life, and some of their occupations or lifestyles do not permit them too much expression with their hair color.  

A New Artistic Avenue

My obsession with the color purple has worked in my favor in conservative situations because I can provide them with a semi/demi permanent fashion color that allows them to experience a beautiful fun color. Purple is a great accent along with their regular color of choice! When clients love it, they can retouch it with ease, and if not, it fades relatively quickly so there is no grief either way!

Pravana Purple Hair

Perfection Is Key

For bolder clients that “go big or go home,” purple is a flattering shade on a wide variety of skin tones. The spectrum of dimension that varying shades of purple can offer is great. Mixing a bit of burgundy and violet is a go-to of mine. Purple gives favorable results every time!

Still Holding On To The Past?

All in all, I am extremely pleased with the current trend of exciting and bold hair color. Purple is my #1 choice. For people like me, hair is how I express myself. The color, cut, style and every single strand is an extension of who I am as an individual. A rather large smile comes to my face when people are more open to colors that may not be 'conventional.'


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