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Up, Up and Away!


Up-styles, AKA Up-dos are a service that I have grown to LOVE to offer my clients. They can be formal, regal, and yet also disheveled and seemingly effortless looking. People are incorporating more up-styles into their everyday looks because they don't always have to be complicated to look amazing, sometimes its as easy as braiding your hair and twisting it around in the back with a couple of pins!

"The braid adds a contemporary feel to the up style so it doesn't seem as dressed up."

The more opportunities that arose for me to do an up-do, the more I fell in love with how much I really got to be an artist while I did them. It really gives me an opportunity to take my time and add those small, yet ever so important details to create a sculpture of sorts that my clients love. I am also a fan of incorporating braids into my up-styles, especially for my guests who may be on the younger side. The braid adds a contemporary feel to the up style so it doesn't seem as dressed up.



Updo 4 by Danielle Santos
Updo 1 by Danielle Santos
Updo 2 by Danielle Santos



I have started to avidly suggest up styling for my guests who want to try something different with their styling regimen. As versatile and fun as they can be, why not add some flare to your arsenal of styling techniques at home?! Not only do I execute my up-dos for my clients with precision, detail and creativity, but I also take the time to educate them on how to achieve similar looks and other at home styles that require little effort and look amazing. Take my advice and reap the style benefits of up styling!

UP-grade, UP-date, UP-lift!

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