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The Life of a Traveling Hair Educator


Prive Trusts Me

Justus Kerr Hair Educator 2

When I’m not in the salon creating the freshest styles, I’m on the road teaching countless other hairdressers the most current hair cutting techniques. For the past 6 years I’ve had the privilege to share my knowledge for Prive. Based out of L.A, this company is known for their celebrity styling and high fashion editorials. Also, Prive is a staple in both New york and L.A fashion week. I have participated in these events many times. Laurent D., owner and founder of the brand, has entrusted me with teaching pre-existing as well as my own techniques. This is not only beneficial for stylists but for anyone that comes to see me in my salon. In the countless hours that I have spent testing new ideas as well challenging old ones I have watched my hair game increase over the years.

"There’s nothing like going to another city and connecting with like minded creators."

Teaching makes me a better stylist

Now of course that can come off as cocky but it’s actually the better looking cousin of cocky, confidence. You know there is big misconception out there about teachers in general.. It’s been said that “those that can’t do; teach”. In some cases this may be true but according to my experience as an educator this B.S. Let me explain why this is true for me. When you are in front of 10 to 100 hairdressers of varying skill levels then you better know what your talking about or it could be quite embarrassing. Artists are opinionated and have no problem busting you out. Its crucial for me to be ahead of the rest.. So because of this I work tirelessly on making sure that what I teach is relevant and on point which in turn makes me a sought out stylist in Las Vegas.

On the lighter side of that I teach because I love what I do. I am a very expressive person and this industry provides no limits to what I can do artistically. Also I thrive off the positive energy of others. There’s nothing like going to another city and connecting with like minded creators. Not to mention shopping for vintage clothes and eating amazing dinners at Prive’s expense. LOL


Justus Kerr Hair Educator
Justus Kerr Hair Educator 3
Justus Kerr Hair Educator 4


What city am I in again?

New York, Boston, Connecticut, Atlanta, Virginia, San Fran, Oakland, San diego, L.A., Chicago, New Orleans, Rhode Island, are just some of the cool places that I have been to share my skills. Within each of the cities and states I have taught at numerous salons. The crazy thing that seems to happen to me often is that once I leave a place and go to another back to back I have a tendency to not know where the heck I’m at. Good thing my shears work wherever I am regardless. There was this one instance that while I was teaching that it started snowing outside. Of course my reaction to the class was “ I didn’t know it snowed like this in San Francisco”. After a moment of crickets someone answered “your in Chicago”! Such is life. Hopefully this year I can travel internationally. It looks as though France and Russia are on the horizon for 2015. Lets just hope I remember where I’m at.

So this is just a glimpse of what its like for me on the road. Yes sometimes my life as a traveling hairdresser can be a little crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.