Cartoons were originally made for adults.

    Stormi recreates the magic of the show on your fingertips. If you haven't seen Rick and Morty on adult swim then you are missing out. Here's the premise: Rick Sanchez, super genius, drunk and sarcastic ass, takes his clueless grandson Morty on adventures to parallel dimensions and alien worlds.

  • Gel nails are the new technology.

    Thinking about a change or just want to know about the best nail tech out there?  Stormi fills you in... (pun intended)

  • Nails for the holiday season

    Stormi shows off some of her holiday art and shares some ideas for your winter fashion.

  • Fabulously Freaky Nail Designs

    Get inspired with Stormi's top 10 favorite nail designs from around the web. Make your nail art visions a reality!